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Voter Law Reform

Despite being one of the most diverse and progressive states in the country, New York State suffers from one of the lowest rates of voter turnout.

New York ranked 41st out of all 50 states in voter turnout for the 2016 general election and only 29% of voters turned out in the 2014 midterm elections.

While it's easy enough to blame citizen apathy, the reality is that millions of working class voters don't have the time to vote when working hard to make ends meet.

Our state systematically discriminates against the working class as New York is only one of 12 states that don't allow early voting, doesn't allow incarcerated citizens to vote and maintains inconvenient voter registration & party-changing deadlines. 

I will fight for voting to be accessible to all New Yorkers. 


Government & Party Reform

In the last 15 years, more than 30 New York State elected officials have been convicted of felonies, misdemeanors and other violations.

To hold our elected officials accountable, I will fight for the City Charter Commission to establish a process empowering community members the ability to remove corrupt and negligent elected officials.

The position of District Leader does not have term limits, which is why you're likely to see District Leaders across the city who have HELD their positions for decades.

This is why I'm the only candidate running in this race who is willing to put term limits on his own position.

The Brooklyn Democratic Party must fight for affordable housing, K-12 & higher education, public transportation, universal healthcare and mandate that every candidate seeking the party's endorsement fight on these issues. 

The Brooklyn Democratic Party must ensure that communities get a say in how land is allocated by giving Community Boards zoning power, shaping neighborhood lines the way we see fit, rather than the real estate developers who flood the political system with money.

I will hold monthly Town Hall meetings in our District, In the interest of accountability and improving relations between constituents and party leaders,


Healthcare Reform

Cost should have no role in determining who can access healthcare and who cannot.

Healthcare is a fundamental human right.

I support the New York Health Act, which would guarantee free, universal healthcare coverage for every New Yorker. The NEw york Health Act has recently failed to pass through the New York State Legislature in part, due to a group of eight formerly breakaway Democratic State Senators known as the Independent Democratic Conference.

These Senators, despite being elected as Democrats, would vote on legislation with Senate Republicans in exchange for political favors such as committee vice-chairmanships and extra money.

These IDC Senators have been halting the will of the working families of New York for years.

It's time that we let them know that every New Yorker is equally deserving of free healthcare coverage, regardless of the cost.


Judicial Reform

Our local judicial system has become plagued with political and party favors, with District Leaders and Judicial Conventions electing judges for selfish reasons.

This is why I am also fighting for public financing towards judicial campaigns to allow more competition in judicial races.

I believe that the Judicial Convention system, a process which essentially allows party leaders and legislators to pick judges, should be abolished.

New York State Supreme Court judges need to be elected democratically and transparently.

Judges need to be appointed based on merit, not connections.